1. The same application requirements as generic students apply to the L VN student. (See "General Admission Policy") i.e. deadlines, prerequisites, TEAS, resident status.

2. LVN students admission criteria will be evaluated with the generic BSN students
and, upon admission, will be considered as one of the students in that cohort.

3. LVN students admitted to the BSN Nursing program, must take NURS 316 during the quarter in which the cohort that the LVN student was admitted to, is taking NURS 2041205.

4. LVN students admitted to the BSN Nursing program must take NURS 380 during
NURS 220/221.

5. LVN s can be admitted to any Partnership Program that is in effect, if that partnership agrees.

6. Although LVNs are not required to take NURS 200/201, 204/205 per parameters dictated by the BRN, LVN students will be strongly encouraged to:
a. Audit the first 5 weeks ofNURS 201 and audit NURS 200.
b. Enroll in NURS 204/205.

7. LVN students that decline to audit the first 5 weeks of NURS 201 and/or enroll in NURS 205 must validate, via successful performance (Costs for any testing will be the responsibility of the student), the following skills prior to beginning clinical courses:
a. Intramuscular, intradermal, subcuticular injections.
b. Oral, topical, etc. medication administration and medication calculations.
c. Patient hygiene, bed bathing, ostomy care, patient feeding (oral and tube).
d. Range of motion, turning or transferring patient, lifting precautions.
e. Nasogastric tube, Foley catheter placement and care.
r Oxygen administration, vital signs.
g. Enema administration and bedpan/urinal assistance.
h. Wound care, dressings, irrigation, asepsis, protective equipment.

8. LVN students are required to begin classes in NURS 220/221 .