If I applied last year and was not admitted, is my BSN application automatically considered for the next selection period?

No. During the intended BSN filing period, all applicants must submit a BSN application and a current PAWS report. In addition, all applicants must contact the Nursing Department to let us know of any documents that they want to roll-over.

Is it difficult to get into the BSN program?

Yes. There are more students who want to get into the program than there are spaces available.

Can I enter the BSN program if I am an international student?

No. It is impacted and does not admit international students. Only California residents are admitted.

How are applicants admitted?

Besides the optional criteria, by an applicant's cumulative/pre-req GPA and TEAS score.

Does the department offer a fast track for those who already have a Bachelor degree in another field?

No. Although a prior BA/BS degree may assist with meeting GE requirements, they still have to complete the three year BSN program in order to earn the BSN and be eligible for the RN exam.

How many years does it take to complete the BSN program?

The nursing courses are taken in sequence that takes three years to complete.
Note: If a student earns less than a "C" grade in any nursing course, they do not continue the sequence. Pending space availability, they have to repeat the same core courses. If they earn less than a "C" in another nursing course, they are dismissed from the BSN program.

Can students complete the BSN program on a part-time basis?

Students planning for a lesser load and/or to concentrate more on their Nursing courses during the program should complete most/all GE's before beginning. Certain BSN quarters can amount to seven or eight total units which is not considered part-time (i.e. part-time is considered 6.1 units or higher), although these quarters could be considered by students to be part-time since they would only be taking Nursing lecture and clinical.

Are BSN courses held in the evening?

Rarely, usually they are held during the day and late afternoon.

(All Information Subject to Change)